Abstract: Examined chronological age, rational ages, and you will stages top when considering the new chance from concrete and you will conceptual religious considering

Abstract: Examined chronological age, rational ages, and you will stages top when considering the new chance from concrete and you will conceptual religious considering

Peatling, John H. 1974. „Cognitive Development in Students when you look at the Grades Five as a consequence of Several: The new Chance away from Real and you can Spiritual Considering.“ Profile Prospective: Monitoring of Look vol. eight, pp. 52-61. step 1,994 students of a good 7% random sample of one’s Federal Organization away from Episcopal Colleges, levels 4-12, was given an untimed, criterion-referenced multiple-alternatives sample named „Thinking about the Bible.“ Results basically hold the results away from J. Piaget and you can R. Goldman. The fresh mathematical steps employed exhibited periods out of growth and you will plateaus (or advanced episodes). Inside American test, abstract religious considering seemed to start in Levels 8 and you can nine, maybe not as dominating up to Levels ten-twelve due to a good plateau months. Outcomes for every 3 issues had been significant, but degree peak gave the new clearest indications away from changes. Effects for spiritual coaches and also for needed after that look is talked about. [Source: PI]

Strommen, Merton P. 1971. Search into the Spiritual Invention: A comprehensive Guide: A job of your own Spiritual Studies Relationship. Nyc, Ny : Hawthorn.

Abstract: There are 5 mental services off trust loosely about 5 symptoms from teenage development: experience of like and you can de-centration, experience with ethical blame, acceptance regarding puzzle and development of „a symbol feel,“ feeling of expectancy, lastly, joyful guarantee and you will protection

1969. „Guilt for the Ethical Creativity: A relative Analysis.“ Mental Records pp. 739-745. Abstract: eight hundred 17-20 yr. old undergraduates took part in a study to find out: (a) the individuals elements which college students thought essential in the ethical factors; (b) the new the quantity to which like students tend to become guilty when it comes to to engage in factors within these parts; and you will (c) any variations in relevant categories getting people reared or https://datingranking.net/fr/sites-de-trio/ otherwise not reared when you look at the relatively tight Religious backgrounds. Overall performance highly recommend 13 parts hence tend to be important to new young people in ethical considerations, variations in guilt feelings, and you may differences in solutions prior to backgrounds. [Source: PI]

Peretti, Peter O

Hugen, Melvin D. 1968. „The new Chapel Character into the Maturity.“Procedures of Religious Association for Emotional Knowledge pp. 59-67. Abstract: With the level regarding progress by which the person generally speaking seats for the pathway to readiness as reported by „The truth that-Looking Statement of Midcentuary White Home Meeting into Children and you may Young people,“ ways that the newest chapel can also be give tips to have like gains is chatted about. [Source: PI]

Eppel, E. Yards. and you may Meters. Eppel. 1967. Teens and Morality: A study of Some Ethical Thinking and Trouble at the office Adolescents relating to a modifying Climate regarding Thoughts. Nyc: Letter.Y. Humanities Force. Abstract: Gifts „an analysis of one’s climate of view into morality from teenagers given that shown when you look at the instructional, religious, and you will medical records recently, and additionally an assessment of your own feeling out of ‚the the fresh new morality.'“ The first point presents research produced by this studies, „and you will works closely with brand new feedback and thinking out-of magistrates, probation officers, and you will youthfulness management with the morality from. (adolescents) and on differences between new years.“ It is concluded that the focus off adolescents‘ ethical matter appears to sit regarding dilemma of their establishing high enough dating. [Source: PI] [Source: PI]

Amatora, ent Throughout the Adolescence.“ Catholic Mental Listing vol. step 1, pp. 1-nine. Abstract: Training away from attitudes and you may means of one’s teenage for the faith are away from restricted play with, except if brand new ensuing education applies to help you helping him deepen his spirituality. Inspiration having life their religion must be inherent. Religion will help fulfill the 8 basic need away from youngsters. [Source: PI]

Van Dyke, Paul and John Pierce Jones. 1963. „New Mindset from Religion out of Center and you may Late Adolescence: A glance at Empirical Search, 1950-1960.“ Spiritual Studies vol. 58, pp. 529-537. Abstract: Report about empirical browse regarding growth of moral thinking through the middle and you can late adolescence, leaving out authoritarian identity, dogmatism, and you may bias. [Source: PI]

Godin, Andre. 1958. „Faith as well as the Psychological Development of Children and you will Teenagers.“ Lumen Vitaevol. thirteen, pp. 297-311. Affective issues shaped in the first numerous years of lifetime is inhibit the new plenitude from faith. The latest character of your own mothers and especially the event of the father-figure are essential. The growth try tracked owing to very early youthfulness (2-8 ages), later youthfulness (8-a dozen decades), pre-adolescence (12-fourteen many years), puberty (14-sixteen many years), and you can adolescence (16-18 years). [Source: PI]

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