De Cleyre is a contemporary out-of Emma Goldman, that have just who she managed a relationship out of respectful conflict into many affairs

De Cleyre is a contemporary out-of Emma Goldman, that have just who she managed a relationship out of respectful conflict into many affairs

Josiah Warren (1798 – 1874) “are an american utopian socialist, individualist philosopher, polymath, social reformer, creator, artist, printer ink and writer. He or she is considered by some because the first American anarchist (regardless if Warren never ever made use of the term anarchism themselves) and the four-web page weekly report the guy edited throughout 1833, The Quiet Revolutionist, the original anarchist periodical had written, is actually a business in which he founded his personal printing press, shed his very own sorts of, and made his personal print plates.”

Lysander Spooner

Lysander Spooner (1808 – 1887) “is actually an american individualist anarchist. He had been plus a keen abolitionist, business person, essayist, courtroom theorist, pamphletist, political philosopher, Unitarian, journalist and you can a person in the initial All over the world. Spooner is actually a strong advocate of one’s work movement and you can anti-authoritarian and you will individualist anarchist in the political viewpoints. His financial and you can governmental ideology provides usually already been defined as libertarian socialism and you can mutualism. Their weblog resulted in the introduction of each other kept-libertarian and you will right-libertarian political theory in this libertarianism in the united states. Spooner’s weblog include the abolitionist book The brand new Unconstitutionality of Slavery and Zero Treason: The newest Composition out-of Zero Authority, which opposed treason charges facing secessionists. Spooner is additionally known for fighting to the Post office with their Western Letter Mail Providers. Yet not, it actually was signed immediately after legal issues with the us government.”

Benjamin Tucker

Benjamin Ricketson Tucker (1854 – 1939) “was a western anarchist and you may libertarian socialist. A nineteenth-100 years proponent away from individualist anarchism that he titled “unterrified Jeffersonianism”, Tucker was the latest editor and you may copywriter of your own American individualist anarchist periodical Liberty (1881–1908) in addition to a person in the newest socialist First International. Tucker harshly compared condition socialism and you can is actually a supporter out-of libertarian socialism he termed anarchist otherwise anarchistic socialism including a beneficial lover away from mutualism. He connected the new classical economics away from Adam Smith and the Ricardian socialists as well as that off Josiah Warren, Karl Marx and you can Pierre-Joseph Proudhon so you’re able to socialism. Later on in his life, Tucker transformed into Max Stirner’s egoism.”

Adin Ballou

Adin Ballou (1803 – 1890) “are a western proponent off Christian nonresistance, Religious anarchism and you will socialism, abolitionism, while the inventor of the Hopedale People. Owing to their long profession given that a great Universalist and you can Unitarian minister, the guy tirelessly advocated into the immediate abolition out of slavery, the principles out of Christian anarcho-socialism, and marketed the new nonviolent idea away from praxis (otherwise ethical suasion) inside the prolific site. Including site received the new love away from Leo Tolstoy, exactly who seem to cited Ballou because a major influence on his theological and you may political ideology within his low-fiction messages including the Empire regarding God is during You, as well as supporting Russian translations of some out of Ballou’s performs. Including greatly inspiring Tolstoy, Ballou’s Christian anarchist and nonresistance beliefs in texts like Basic Christianity was passed down out-of Tolstoy in order to Mahatma Gandhi, adding not only to the brand new nonviolent opposition way throughout the Russian Wave provided by the Tolstoyans, and in addition Gandhi’s early thinkings towards nonviolent concept away from praxis while the development of 1st ashram, the brand new Tolstoy Farm. Inside the a recently available guide, American philosopher and anarchist Crispin Sartwell blogged your functions Ballou and his awesome other Religious anarchist contemporaries for example William Lloyd Garrison really influenced Gandhi and you will Martin Luther King Jr., also.”

John Humphrey Noyes

John Humphrey Noyes (1811 – 1886) “was a western preacher, revolutionary religious philosopher, and you may utopian socialist. The guy situated the new Putney, Oneida and Wallingford Organizations, which can be credited with coining the definition of ‘state-of-the-art marriage‘.”

Voltairine de- Cleyre

Voltairine de- Cleyre (1866 – 1912) “are an american anarchist recognized for being a prolific creator and you may audio speaker just who opposed capitalism, wedding and county therefore the control away from religion over sex and ladies‘ lifestyle hence she saw just like the every interconnected. She actually is have a tendency to defined while the a primary early feminist on account of their views. Born and you can raised in small urban centers in the Michigan and you may schooled within the good Sarnia, Ontario, Catholic convent, de- Cleyre began the woman activist job regarding freethought path. Even in the event she was first interested in individualist anarchism, de Cleyre evolved compliment of mutualism as to the she called anarchism instead of adjectives, prioritizing a good stateless community without having to use violence or coercion above all else. Several of de- Cleyre’s essays was accumulated on the Selected Works from Voltairine de- Cleyre, had written posthumously by the Goldman’s journal Mother earth into the 1914.”

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